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The photo shows a view into the chemical laboratory
Chemistry lab

The photo shows the multi-reactor system for the optimization of chemical processes
Multi-reactor plant for process optimization

The photo shows the glass reactors for custom synthesis
Glass reactors for custom synthesis


One focus of Enzymicals is the production of high value chemicals by using chemo- enzymatic routes.

The scheme shows general reactions with enzymes from the Enzymicals portfolio
Preparation of chiral products with enzymes from the
Enzymicals portfolio

We offer chiral building blocks and specialty chemicals from analytical to multi-kilogram scale and up to multi-ton scale within our network. The product range includes chiral secondary and tertiary alcohols, carboxylic acids, lactones, esters, amines and amino-alcohols.

We produce these special substances as custom synthesis on your request. We also offer our customers the development and piloting of processes.

Our catalog contains a selection of substances for which the production processes were internally developed and which are available direct from Enzymicals up to kilogram quantities.

Please contact us for customer specific synthesis of your desired compound.

Development of tailor-made processes

We develop strategies for the chemo-biocatalytic preparation of your desired compound.

This research service can be realized by a tailor-made modular project. The modules for such project include an individual route scouting for the synthesis of your desired compound, feasibility studies, reaction optimization, scaling and piloting of the complete process. If necessary, optimization of the biocatalyst can also be carried out by means of protein engineering. An exclusive project is created from individual modules.

According to the customer's request, the target substance can then be produced at Enzymicals or the SOP is transferred to the customer company itself or a CMO.

Custom Synthesis

Based on our background in chemistry and biochemistry we are able to produce building blocks and fine chemicals either via chemical synthesis or via biocatalytic conversion. In com-bining both approaches, we can produce high-value compounds via alternative routes to meet qualitative and economic demands of our customers.

The custom synthesis will realize by the straightforward production of a target substance on a price per kg model.