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Carboxylesterases, a subset of hydrolases, find broad application in organic synthesis. Due to their high regio- and stereoselectivity they are used for the selective cleavage of protecting groups and for the kinetic resolution of esters of racemic alcohols or carboxylic acids.
They require no cofactors and are stable and active when organic solvents are added to the reaction mixture.

Esterases represent a diverse group of hydrolases catalysing the cleavage and formation of ester bonds. Carboxylesterases are a subset of esterases that specifically hydrolyse carboxylic esters yielding a carboxylic acid and an alcohol.

The scheme shows example reactions for the regio- and stereoselectivity of esterases
example reactions for regio- and stereoselectivity of esterases

Many of these enzymes show a high regio- and stereoselectivity, accept a broad spectrum of substrates and are stable and even active in the presence of organic cosolvents. Together with the fact that they do not require any cofactors this makes them attractive biocatalysts for the production of optically pure compounds for the synthesis of fine chemicals. Within our catalog you can find esterases which are thermostable and/or accept carboxylic esters of tertiary alcohols, which is a rather rare feature.
We also offer six isoenzymes of the pig liver esterase, which has been used as mixture from animal source in organic chemistry for decades already. The advantage of the recombinant production of single isoenzymes over the so far used extract from animal tissue lies in the purity and the reproducibility from batch to batch.