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About us

Since its founding in 2009, Enzymicals AG has created a customer-oriented industrial platform for the process development and piloting of chemo-biocatalytic synthetic routs for high-quality fine chemicals and has built a bridge between academic research and industrial application.

The photo shows the shareholders of Enzymicals AG
Shareholders of Enzymicals AG

The company focuses on the three business segments Enzymes (production of biocatalysts), Chemicals (production of fine and special chemicals) and Solutions (customer-specific solutions to all questions of chemo-biocatalytic synthesis, process development and piloting). This orientation is based on profound expertise in biocatalysis and in protein engineering of enzymes for organic synthesis as well in Synthesis- and Technical Chemistry. For this, we have assembled our team of equal numbers of highly qualified chemists, biotechnologists and engineers.

Together with the seed-investor BRAIN AG and the BBG "Braun Beteiligungs GmbH", to which also the Herbrandt Pharma-Chemicals GmbH belongs, the three independent partners have created a network company in fine chemistry. This cooperation covers the whole value chain: from identification and optimization of enzymes and reactions up to process development and optimization, from production to distribution. The close cooperation with the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Greifswald offers additional access to state-of-the-art equipment for complex R & D projects.

Furthermore, Enzymicals cooperates with a number of other companies and institutions (see collaborations) and has created a stable network through the participation in industry associations, of which you can take advantage, too.

Our products and services are already used in the production of specialty and fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food additives and auxiliary materials for the processing-industry.

A selection of enzymes and chemicals is marketed through an own catalog business. In addition, a collaboration with Merck (Sigma Aldrich) was built for the efficient worldwide delivery of enzymes. Our enzyme and chemical portfolio is being continuously expanded by our intensive research and development activities. Many other enzymes and enzyme classes as well custom synthesis can be offered to you in exclusive projects.

With this background, Enzymicals AG is the right partner for your biotechnological projects. For this purpose, our team is happy to help.

Do you have questions about our products and services or would you like an offer? Please contact us! We look forward to cooperation.

Email: info@enzymicals.com
Fon +49 (0)3834 515470